Friday, December 10, 2010

Random Acts of Caring (or Kindness): About this Blog

I've always been inspired by and enjoyed performing Random Acts of Kindness. Though there are several blogs and websites out there already (which I will link to, because honestly, I want to share as many resources and as much inspiration as possible!), I really wanted to start my own.

Next semester, I'll be making a good deal of money because I'll be on co-op. I plan on taking a small bit of what I make each week and using it to perform a random act of kindness. In fact, I might even try to get an informal club together at my school and in my area! If this blog gets big enough to generate any sort of money through advertising, that money can be used to generate even more random acts!

Let me tell you from experience-- there's no better feeling. Can you imagine what would happen if everyone performed a random act of kindness once a day?

Here, I'll be posting ideas for random acts of kindness, actual random acts that I've done, read about, heard about, etc, and I'll also be taking submissions from absolutely anyone who wants to share a random act that they did, was done for them, or that they would like to suggest to others!

If you'd like to submit any of the above OR suggestions for this blog, please email me at "" RE: Submission OR leave your message in my ask box on Tumblr: .


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